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Guest Recommendation No. 2

Joanna Walsh recommends BREAK IT DOWN, a collection by Lydia Davis. She writes: How could I choose one favourite short story? I could break that down: a) How could I choose one? b) How could I choose one? If forced, I’ll choose Lydia Davis’ first collection, BREAK IT DOWN. She takes Georges Perec’s advice in her struggle to break reality […]

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Joanna Walsh and Reading Women

I am really pleased that Joanna Walsh, whose story collection FRACTALS I have elsewhere described as a near cousin to poetry, has been kind enough to participate in the project. She is a great writer and illustrator, but she also deserves — and has recently gotten — a lot of praise for getting people to examine their reading habits, and encouraging […]

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florida swamp

A Super Short Curation by Jim Shepard

You’ve Got to Read This, II: A Top-of-the-Head All Star Anthology of Contemporary American Stories, Stopping at 21 Authors and Only Allowing Each Author One Story, With Apologies to All the Amazing Stories I’ve Neglected to Mention   Barrett, Andrea, “Ship Fever” Barth, John, “Lost in the Funhouse” Barthelme, Donald, “Engineer-Private Paul Klee Misplaces an […]

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