Short Curator


Welcome to the Short Curator Project!

(A note from the Founder of the Short Curator Project, Brian Sheridan)

You want to read. But you are busy. Really, really busy. I totally get that.

The good news is that there is a universe of great short reads out there that you do have time for.

The bad news is that there is a UNIVERSE of great short reads out there. And it can be overwhelming.

This project is designed to shrink that crazy universe down to human scale by suggesting a few pieces per week that are worth making time to enjoy.

To make sure those precious few recommendations are the best they can be, along the way I will reach out to very accomplished readers and writers for help.

The Short Curator Project will usually excerpt the first paragraph or so of its main recommendations.  This represents a small taste, the merest hint of what is to come. For the full banquet, you can rely on your public library to borrow the selections entire, or you can support the writers and publishers by buying an e-book or print book.

Like a short story, this blog is meant to pack a lot into a minimal space. Please use the “Flavors and Notes” or “Select a Date” functions to browse and reveal older posts and lists that you might find interesting.

So, together, let us begin.

— Brian


"Secret Garden" - Illustration Copyright by Emma Lazauski, All Rights Reserved Emma Lazauski